Courses that teach techniques that balance body, mind, soul and whose main benefit is quality of life and personal evolution.

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Enroll, our course has research and clinical practice for over two decades. Learn more about the power and paths of Bach Florals.

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Graduate in
Regressive Therapy

1st lato sensu postgraduate course in regressive therapy in Brazil and worldwide, certified by the Unyahna Institute of Higher Education, registered at MEC.

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The Institute

The Martha Mendes Institute has its history marked by commitment to education and research, focused on the study and teaching of techniques, as well as organizing undergraduate, postgraduate and master’s degree courses. The presence of qualified professionals and educators in their teaching staff contributes to the construction of a history of reliability and success in the area of integrative therapies. The incentive to research also guides the values of the Martha Mendes Institute in the organization of studies that bring scientific evidence regarding the effectiveness of integrative therapies.

Who is Martha Mendes?

Martha Mendes is a pedagogue, transpersonal psychoanalyst, founder of Psicobiosofia®, president of the Martha Mendes Institute and the Brazilian Association of Hypnotherapy and Regressive Therapy (ABHTR). The Martha Mendes Institute focuses on courses, researches and services. Martha Mendes is a highly active professional in the field of integrative therapies, participated in numerous congresses, lectures, magazines, radio and TV programs, is a writer for the therapeutic and children’s audience and invited to teach courses and lectures in Brazil and abroad.

Transforming lives

Over the 28 years of experience, we got through our committed and custom work, impressive results:


500 courses

helped people to change their lives

More than


students, during the 28 years teaching courses

More than


free vocational training courses

Courses registered at
Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC)

The best certifications and partnerships guarantee the quality of our Postgraduate, Extension and International courses.

Seek self-knowledge and you will find inner peace.

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Lectures and consulting

Our commitment to education and research is a key factor in the Martha Mendes Institute’s trajectory. For this reason, we believe that connecting more minds to ours is the best way for knowledge to be expanded.
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