Bioelectrography is a therapeutic process performed through a special photographic system, which allows the therapist to evaluate the biodynamic process (vital energy and energy flow) of his client, as the photo records the ionization of gases, vapors, and other specific fluids - resulting from cellular metabolism - emanating from skin cells.

Extension in Bioelectrography

The course is taught by transpersonal psychoanalyst Martha Mendes, based on her experience of more than two decades in reading and interpreting photos.

The course enables the participant to perform the interpretation of the various signals and correlations with the dynamics of the individual photographed, which allows him/her a broad view of being.

Duration of the course

  • 4 days/2 modules
  • There are 2 theoretical/practical modules with a workload of 32 h/classroom.

Beginning of the new class

  • Information coming soon
  • Location - Clarion Faria Lima Hotel
    Jerome da Veiga Street, 248 - Itaim Bibi – São Paulo - Brazil


  • Information coming soon

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