Hans TenDam

The themes addressed by Hans TenDam are always linked to his worldwide work on consciousness transformation, with more than three decades of research, courses, and assistance.

Hans TenDam is a Professor of Consultants and Therapists in various parts of the world: Europe, Asia, and South America. Founder of TASSO International. Independent consultant since 1970. Graduated in Pedagogy and Psychology from the University of Amsterdam.

Interested in the literature on reincarnation, Hans TenDam has entered the field of Regressive Therapy and today has more than two decades acting as a Therapist. He served as President of EARTH (European Association of Regressive Therapy: earthassociation.org) which regulates the profession in the European Union.

The organization TASSO International has started the World Congresses of Regressive Therapy, already held in the Netherlands (2003), India (2006), Brazil (2008), Turkey (2011), Portugal (2014) and India (2017).

He is the author of the books Deep Healing, Panorama of Reincarnation I and II, and other titles not yet translated into Portuguese. Tendam was one of the pioneers of regressive therapy research and practice. His books are recognized as the most comprehensive and profound ever written about reincarnation, as they involve summaries of bibliographic research by authors from various eras, wisdom traditions, and recent empirical research.

Hans TenDam speaks Dutch, German, English, and Portuguese.

Last releases:
Deep Healing and Transformation - 2018 at the Martha Mendes Institute
A Secretary at the Showcase - 2019 - at the Martha Mendes Institute in partnership with Lexos Publishing House.

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