Regressive Therapy

The Martha Mendes Institute has the 1st lato sensu postgraduate course in Regressive Therapy in Brazil and in the world, certified by the Unyahna Institute of Higher Education and registered in the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC). The course, designed by Professor Dr. Idalino Almeida, a psychoanalyst and doctor in clinical psychology, is in its third edition in São Paulo, and the sixth edition in Brazil.


Becoming an expert in regressive therapy with the best professionals in the area. Change your personal and professional history!

Train professionals to work with Regressive Therapy

To deepen the knowledge in the area and approaching Regressive Therapy as a very effective tool in the treatment of several difficulties such as phobias, difficulties in interpersonal relations, unfinished subjects and diverse memories that compromise the quality of life of the individual in the present day.

Requirements: Professionals with higher level in any area, interested in acting professionally with Regressive Therapy.

Duration of the course

  • 20 months - 20 modules
  • Phase 1 - Leveling
    3 modules: "Preparing the Future Therapist" - Learning about yourself, to understand the other one.
  • Phase 2 - Vocational
    17 modules: "Formatting the Therapist"

Beginning of the new class

  • August 3 and 4, 2019
  • Classes with one of the best teachers in the area.


  • The course is in progress.
  • Location: Clarion Faria Lima Hotel
    Jerônimo da Veiga Street, 248 - Itaim Bibi

*While the student is in progress, his/her loyalty to the Brazilian Association of Hypnotherapy and Regressive Therapy is free.


Certification and partnership

Our postgraduate courses are endorsed by the faculty and registered in the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC)

Regressive Therapy as a Therapeutic Resource - Vol 1

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