Transpersonal Systemic Constellation

The Martha Mendes Institute invites you, Healthcare, Education, Coaching, Therapists, Business Consultant, and Entrepreneurs to improve your knowledge in personal and interpersonal relationships.

The course is certified as a University Extension, which gives the quality of the work that the Institute offers to you, who chose to be with us.

Train and prepare professionals who work or want to work in Help Relationship (Coaching, therapy, counseling, group development, organizational development programs, etc.) using the Transpersonal Systemic Constellation approach, appropriating resources for individual work. and in a group with this method.

You will learn
From his extensive experience in SYSTEMATIC CONSTELLATIONS, MILTON MENEZES developed his own Method called Transpersonal Systemic Constellation. In this course, it is presented the Method for you to perform a SYSTEMIC CONSTELLATION using people as "Representatives" or using other equally potent resources when we do not have people to act as "Representatives". In these cases, you will learn how to use features like "Playmobil dolls", objects, or the method called Soil Anchors, which uses sheets of paper with symbols that allow the customer himself to "represent" the factors of his system. These resources are useful when we have individual customer service only. "Transpersonal Systemic Consciousness has helped many people identify causes of problems that are "hidden" or unconscious. Several types of problems can be addressed such as family conflicts, career doubts, decisions or dilemmas between options, team performance or even better composition of a working group.

Duration of the course

  • Total of 54h/practical/experiential activities with demonstrations and practices by students.
  • In-class course
  • Support Material: 9h Videos - Online
  • Total online classes + 6 practical classes = 63h/class

Start of the new class

  • module 1: 09 and 10 may 2020
  • module 2: 06 and 07 jun 2020
  • Taught by Dr. Milton Menezes, Master in Psychology and President of Vita Contínua Institute
  • Location - Clarion Faria Lima Hotel
    Jerome da Veiga Street, 248 - Itaim Bibi – São Paulo - Brazil


  • Information coming soon

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