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Hans TenDam Workshops in Sao Paulo and Maceió

By admin | April 30, 2018 - 11:32

For many years the Martha Mendes Institute brings Hans TenDam to teach Workshops in Brazil

Our mission is to bring professionals to enhance the knowledge of our colleagues.

National and international events with certifications such as university and/or international extension.

Whenever we receive Hans TenDam, is a time of personal, professional and spiritual growth. A big party!

We always choose a partner, so Hans can be in other Brazilian states. In 2018 it was the Lumen Institute of Maceió, represented by Dr. Gerardo Campana.

Hans TenDam speaks Portuguese and loves Brazil.

In 2019 there will have more!

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Martha Mendes is a pedagogue, transpersonal psychoanalyst, founder of Psicobiosofia®, president of the Martha Mendes Institute and the Brazilian Association of Hypnotherapy and Regressive Therapy (ABHTR). The Martha Mendes Institute focuses on courses, researches and services. Martha Mendes is a highly active professional in the field of integrative therapies, participated in numerous congresses, lectures, magazines, radio and TV programs, is a writer for the therapeutic and children's audience and invited to teach courses and lectures in Brazil and abroad.

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