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By admin | October 20, 2017 - 11:04

The hiring of a consulting firm by the Martha Mendes Institute made a big difference in the development of the activities.

The Instituto Somar consultancy tracked the difficulties and needs, made a diagnosis to develop cutting-edge work. We are on the way!

Realizing the demand of professionals in the area of Integrative Therapies, we chose a different path, creating something that delivered more than a certification. We deliver personal value and, much more than professional certification, we develop people.

Thinking about the personal and professional trajectory, we add to the work so that the therapist becomes entrepreneur and can work in large companies, starting with his own innovating company. Not as a magic recipe, but with the development of the entrepreneur who exists there.

From consulting came the partnership. From the partnership the news…. Knowledge without Borders.

Coming Soon!

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Martha Mendes

Martha Mendes is a pedagogue, transpersonal psychoanalyst, founder of Psicobiosofia®, president of the Martha Mendes Institute and the Brazilian Association of Hypnotherapy and Regressive Therapy (ABHTR). The Martha Mendes Institute focuses on courses, researches and services. Martha Mendes is a highly active professional in the field of integrative therapies, participated in numerous congresses, lectures, magazines, radio and TV programs, is a writer for the therapeutic and children's audience and invited to teach courses and lectures in Brazil and abroad.

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